Assessment and treatment of Language Disorders

تشخيص وعلاج حالالت التأخر اللغوي

Assessment and treatment of Speech Disorders

تشخيص وعلاج حالات اضطرابات الكلام

Assessment and treatment of Voice Disorders

تشخيص وعلاج اضطربات الصوت

Our strategy with the new patient

  • First Assessment (ENT Examination -Clinical Assessment ):
  1. language test
  2. articulation test
  3. stuttering test ( if needed )
  4. laryngoscopy (if needed )
  5. test of cognitive abilities (I.Q )
  6. patient referral to ENT surgeon ( if needed )
  • Second the treatment plan began: 
  1. advices family counseling
  2. start language or speech therapy sessions
  3. follow up medical treatment
  4. more investigation